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MCDOWELL VO – Another case of animals being left in a hot car

Another case of animals being left in a hot car…details from Lin McDowell… http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KUKI-072916-MCDOWELL%20VO-Dogs%20left%20in%20hot%20car.mp3 At about 2:45 p.m. Wednesday the Lakeport Police Department responded to a call on South Main Street regarding three dogs left in a hot car. When the officer arrived a citizen had already broken into the car and released the dogs, […]

Fiery Streak Across The Sky Caused by Rocket

A fiery streak across the sky last night caused alarm. Numerous calls were made to Lake County Central Dispatch about a possible downed plane near Lucerne, and just after 9:40PM, firefighters were sent to check out a possible wildland fire in the Indian Valley area. There was no fire. The blazing object was debris from […]

City to Address Illegal Encampments at Riverside Park

Due to an incrase in illegal encampments at Riverside Park, the City of Ukiah is looking for ways to improve enforcement. Campers have been setting fires and leaving trash and other debris along the Russian River. There’s also illegal activiies occuring. Currently the city notifies campers that they must leave, but are looking into some […]

Report of Home Robbery All An Illusion

Mendocino County Deputies responded to a report of a home being robbed by multiple suspects and shots fired yesterday in Albion. But it turns out, the woman who called, 43 year old Laura Doty, was high on drugs and imagined the whole thing. 56 year old Douglas Higginbotham, who was also high, was holding a […]

Valley Fire Long-Term Recovery Task Force Meeting Tonight

The next Valley Fire Long-Term Recovery Task Force meeting is this evening. The format of this meeting will be a little different from those in the past. There will be a brief written status update on county recovery activities for the public to pick up, and the meeting will be opened up for questions and […]

Happy Birthday this week to Lake County’s last survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack

Happy Birthday this week to Lake County’s last survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack. More from Lin McDowell… http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KUKI-072816-MCDOWELL-Pearl%20Harbor%20survivor.mp3 On Tuesday, Bill Slater of Lakeport, turned 92, celebrated by having lunch with a group of friends. His friends Ronnie and Janeane Bogner of Clearlake Oaks, honorary members of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association’s local chapter […]

Brooktrails Embezzler Pleads Guilty to Perjury Charges

A woman who embezzled money from her employer has pled guilty to more charges. 33-year-old Christine Kelsay of Brooktrails, was sentenced back in May to 5 years in prison for embezzling in excess of $450,000 dollars over a seven year time frame, from the Long Valley Market in Laytonville. Yesterday, the Mendocino County District Attorney […]